NQIL Rounds

NQIL Rounds - 16 April 2020

Take away points...

  • For consultations on COVID+ or PUIs ask yourself: Will a face-to-face encounter or a neurological examination significantly change your impression/management? Remember, neurologists have unique examination skills that can be essential to diagnosis.

  • Who is best to see this patient? A junior resident exam may need to be repeated by senior or staff, increasing exposure risk. The fewest team members should be directly exposed, while balancing educational needs.

  • Same applied to Protected Code Stroke c/o @neuroccm: Only one team members should see patient, may be the staff, senior resident or fellow.

  • Before seeing patient, consider discussing case with staff or senior to develop a focused approach and identify critical questions/exam maneuvers that could influence localization.

  • Ways to gather info: 1) additional information from referring MD 2) Take history from patient or family by phone.

  • If you go to see a COVID+ or PUI patient, identify exam maneuvers essential to case ahead of time, and focus on those.