Kassardjian Lab

My clinical focus is in the area of peripheral neurological diseases and clinical neurophysiology, with a special interest in genetic myopathies. My quality and safety work falls into 2 broad categories: 1) Those related to neuromuscular diseases and 2) Quality improvement educational initiatives and mentorship for neurology residents.

My recent neuromuscular-related work has focused on the impact of immunosuppression on infection and fracture risks, and the lack of consistent treatment and prophylaxis guidelines within neurology. I am interested in the way that we create and use guidelines in practice, especially when evidence is completely lacking.

Resident education and mentorship is a passion of mine and for the first time we recently delivered a QI curriculum for neurology residents, We also started Neurology M&M Rounds (we call them "QI Rounds") at St Michael's Hospital, which has been a huge success thanks to engaged and enthusiastic residents. With my NQIL colleagues we adapted this format to launch NQIL COVID Rounds, as a platform for residents to share and discuss ethical and management challenges in the era of COVID.

I am always looking to mentor students and residents on QI projects, so please contact me at any time!