Khosravani Lab

Houman Khosravani is a clinician in quality & innovation and assistant professor of medicine, in the division of neurology, department of medicine, University of Toronto. His interests are quality improvement at different levels of care relevant to hyper-acute stroke management and inpatient stroke services. At the level of hyperacute stroke care, his focus is on improvement of door-to-needle times for thrombolysis. He is also working on understanding and improving factors that are relevant to a successful thrombectomy program in a comprehensive stroke center. He is medical director of the inpatient stroke unit, and interested in development of stroke pathways, the overlap between internal medicine and inpatient stroke neurology, and development of a framework for excellence in comprehensive neurovascular care. Dr. Khosravani is an active member of Thrombosis Canada and interested in the implementation of stroke-best practices in the area of antithrombotics and anticoagulation. Dr. Khosravani also has a strong interest in utilizing computation and computer science to facilitate delivery of safe and high quality acute stroke care.

Research Focus: Quality Improvement and Patient Safety in Stroke

Happy to take on students, residents, fellows who are interested in QI in stroke! reach out at houman[at]neurovascular[dot]ca

Welcome to Stroke Innovations-Machine Learning for Quality Improvement (ML4QI) Lab. We focus on the discipline of clinical neurology with a focus on neurovascular care. Our Quality Improvement (QI) lab for stroke care leverages machine learning as applied to datasets and time-series data in stroke care. Lab PI: Dr. Houman Khosravani, Division of Neurology at the University of Toronto. Our lab’s QI foci are the following:

Members of the lab also are involved in educational initiatives, a podcast on stroke education: Stroke FM Podcast, the official podcast of the Canadian Stroke Consortium.

The following are publications from my lab and members of my lab, reflecting areas of interest and previous work. For Houman Khosravani’s specific publications, full listing please see the following (database) links: